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Mal nommer un objet, c'est ajouter au malheur de ce monde.
Albert Camus


Rechercher des réels équivalents
La recherche est une Opération de compréhension cumulant les réels "contenant" le mot recherché.

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◆ Mode d'emploi

A search for more than one word will find pages that contain all of the words.
Use quotation marks to search for a phrase.
Also use quotes for text with punctuation or special characters.
Searches are case insensitive, but accent sensitive in the default configuration (i.e. 'u' is not the same as 'ù').
To limit your search to a single group, enter the group name followed by a slash at the beginning of the search string (e.g., "PmWiki/" or "Site/").
To list all pages, enter a slash for the search.

◆ Search examples

EnterTo find pages whose content contains
apple pieboth 'apple' and 'pie'
"apple pie"the phrase 'apple pie'
pmwiki/apple'apple' in the PmWiki group of pages
"pmwiki/apple"the phrase 'pmwiki/apple' in all groups of pages
apple -pie'apple', omitting those containing 'pie'
food -"apple pie"'food', omitting those containing 'apple pie'
apple "-pie"the words 'apple' and '-pie'
apple - pie'apple', '-', and 'pie'
"pie:"the word 'pie' with a colon
"pie=tasty"the phrase 'pie=tasty'
pmwiki/all pages in the PmWiki group


Some special characters need to be enclosed in quotes, including the colon (:), equals sign (=), less than (<), single quote (') and double quote(").





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